Measure devices with 50 Ω, BNC connectors with the furnished RF components.


The Keysight 11854A accessory kit furnishes the RF components required for measuring devices with 50 Ω, BNC connectors, and when using a network analyzer with a type-N configuration. The BNC accessory kit contains two type-N male-to-BNC female adapters, two type-N male-to-BNC male adapters, two type-N female-to-BNC female adapters, two type-N female-to-BNC male adapters, a BNC male short, and a storage case.


  • two type-N (m)-to-BNC (f) and two type-N (m)-to-BNC (m) adapters
  • two type-N (f)-to-BNC (f) and two type-N (f)-to-BNC (m) adapters
  • a BNC male short


  • type-N (f) short
  • type-N (m) short
  • two type-N (male) barrels
  • two type-N (female) barrels

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