• Coating: Hard dielectric
  • Clear Aperture: Central oval 25 mm x 45 mm (1.0 in x 1.8 in)
  • Flatness: 1/10 wavelength at 633 nm
  • Reflectance: >= 90% over incidence range of 0 to 60 degrees at 633 nm (both s and p polarizations)

The Keysight 10769A Turning Mirror deflects a laser beam at any angle, in either the vertical or the horizontal polarization plane of the beam. It is part of the 10768A Diagonal Measurement kit.

The 10769A is ideal for use in laser measurement and calibration applications. In the calibration of slant bed lathes, for example, the beam steering mirror deflects the beam from the laser head upward, through the interferometer, along the lathe's cross slide. One or more mirrors can also create a path from a laser head to an interferometer located in an otherwise inaccessible position, as in the case of a milling machine with a table that moves in only one axis.

The Keysight 10769A is one component of a family of measurement optics that tailor interferometer systems for the physical layout and measurement requirements of each application. Configured with appropriate laser head and system electronics, the optics are part of a precise positioning or calibration system that improves product quality, increases yields, and facilitates manufacture of precision products.

  • Simplifies and speeds setup for slant-bed lathe calibration
  • Simplifies diagonal measurements for machines with moving beds
  • Available for use in a variety of Keysight systems, including the Keysight 5530 Laser Calibration system

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