Due to the limited availablity of 3.5" double density (720K) floppy disks, as well as the oboslesence of the equipment required to duplicate them, Keysight Technologies can no longer provide the Operation Verification and other various service related software on this media.

This software has always been provided on LIF formatted disks, as they have always been intended for use with HP 9000 Series controllers. Since these old computers cannot use DOS formatted disks changing to the DOS format would not help. Because of these factors we have decided to provide these software utilities as a free download.

To make some of these more flexible we are also providing the configuration utilities in formats that can also be run on a standard PC with either HT/HP Basic for Windows or VEE. If you do not own a copy of VEE you can download an evaluation copy from the Keysight Developers Network.


Caution: The configuration utilites that are provided here are only intended to be used when servicing an 8560 E or EC Series Spectrum Analyzer. Using them in any other capacity is not authorized or supported. Also, enabling an option in one of these instrument that does not have the required option hardware will cause problems with the instrument, and in some cases this will cause on-screen errors.


8560 E/EC Series Service Software
Software Description Equivalent Part # Revision Instructions Found In HP 9000 Series HT Basic for Windows VEE Runtime
 Operation Verification 08560-10004/5  E.00.00  Calibration Guide   Available 1  Not Available  Not Available
 8562E/EC Frequency Response Adjustment 08562-10014  A.00.01  Service Guide   Available 1  Not Available  Not Available
 8562E/EC TAM Interface 08562-10015  A.00.04  Service Guide   Available 1  Not Available  Not Available
 8564E/EC & 8565E/EC Adjustment / Diagnostics 08564-10001  A.00.01  Service Guide   Available 3  Not Available  Not Available
 A2 / Firmware Upgrade (8560E Series Only) 5010-7725  B.00.00  Installation Note   Available 2   Available 2   Available 4
 Option 001/005 Retrofit none  A.00.00  Installation Note   Available 2   Available 2   Available 4
 Option 007/008 Retrofit 5010-7708  A.00.00  Installation Note   Available 2   Available 2   Available 4

1 ASCII file - use GET command to load
2 Prog file - use LOAD command to load
3 .Zip file - unzip to create directory structure
4 Created with VEE Pro 6.2 for use on a PC only

If you must use any of the HP 9000 Series software versions, and you do not have internet access from it, you will need to download the software to your PC and transfer it via your local area network.

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