The Genesys Filter & Match building block is a subset of the full Genesys Synthesis. It contains the popular passive filter and match synthesis capabilities for lumped and distributed networks.

Filter & Match Building Block

Genesys Filter Synthesis

Classical lumped filter synthesis for RF applications with over 100 topologies. This is the most popular synthesis module.

Genesys M/Filter Synthesis

Distributed filter synthesis for microwave applications with over 60 topologies, including automatic layout for subsequent EM analysis. Synthesizes high-performance microwave filters and assists make-versus-buy decisions.

Genesys Match Synthesis

Synthesizes impedance-matching networks over narrow and broad frequency bands with lumped or distributed components and complex frequency-dependent loads.

Genesys Advanced T/Line

Synthesizes 13 types of transmission lines with lumped-distributed circuit conversion and automatic discontinuity insertion. Converts ideal electrical designs to physical implementation such as microstrips and striplines on your choice of substrate.