The PathWave RF Synthesis (Genesys) 2020 product release includes:

  • Updated Momentum EM simulator
  • Dataset Viewer for exploring and filtering Simulation Data
  • Parameter Synchronization
  • Spectrasys Improvements
  • New Testlink for Keysight Instrument Connectivity
  • New Sys-Parameter Libraries
  • New Vendor Library Builder
  • User Interface enhancements and bug fixes

PathWave RF Synthesis (Genesys) 2020 is available now!


PathWave RF SynthesisPathWave RF Synthesis (Genesys) 2020 delivers new and enhanced capabilities to improve productivity and usability for RF & Microwave circuit and system designers.

PathWave RF Synthesis 2020

Figure 1. PathWave RF Synthesis (Genesys) 2020 affordably expands RF circuit and system design efficiency.

Updated Momentum EM Simulator

  • Updated Momentum EM simulator with enhanced meshing and simulation efficiency ensures Genesys 2020 is equipped with the industry’s most popular 3D planar electromagnetic simulator to accurately predict frequency shifts and losses caused by EM interactions of physical geometries.
  • Updated 3D visualization of surface currents and planar antenna radiation patterns makes troubleshooting of electromagnetic interactions such as locating undesired coupling, leakage, reflections and resonance in 3D planar physical geometries even faster.

Dataset Viewer for exploring and filtering Simulation Data

  • New dataset viewer enables you to intuitively explore, filter and tabulate multi-dimensional data produced by any circuit, system or EM simulation, nested sweeps or user defined variables
  • Removes the guesswork and errors in identifying independent and dependent variables and their correct order of indexing within equations when post processing or plotting simulation data

Parameter Synchronization

  • Parameter synchronization such as temperature, bias, line widths, etc. across multiple different components eliminates tedious checking and setting of parameters for each component one-by-one
  • Fixed values or equation variables used to define parameters can be saved and synced as a group to setup multiple corner analyses

Spectrasys Improvements

  • Mixer models now support vendor Sys-parameter libraries
  • Sys-Parameters improvements for nonlinearities (P1dB, IP3) to include effects of mismatches
  • VSWR, reflection coefficient, mismatch loss & return loss measurements along the path for each component on level diagram to determine which components are mismatched in the system chain
  • Traditional 3rd order amplifier model now supports up to 11 even & odd intermod orders to improve nonlinear spectral simulation accuracy
  • New 1 tone intercept analysis enables 2nd & 3rd order intercept analysis without tedious 2 tone analysis setup, path selection & measurements. Analyze IP3, IP2 versus power or frequency instantly
  • Accuracy correlation improvements between RF system simulation and SystemVue dataflow simulation

New Testlink for Keysight Instrument Connectivity

  • New version of Testlink now supports more instruments from Keysight and other vendors

New Sys-Parameter Libraries

  • Sys-Parameters are frequency, temperature and bias dependent nonlinear behavioral characteristics (e.g. Gain, NF, P1dB, IP2, IP3, VSWR, etc.) of system blocks such as amplifiers and mixers
  • New Sys-parameter libraries from vendors such as Mini Circuits, Analog Devices, Custom MMIC, X-Microwave (including components from Qorvo, Broadcom, Peregrine, and other popular system block vendors)

New Vendor Library Builder

  • Vendor parts library builder enables component vendors or users to create custom libraries of parts that can include simulation models, layout footprints, schematic symbols, datasheet and web links
  • Library can be packaged into a self-extracting executable that automatically installs new, or updates an existing library in the Genesys parts selector
  • Useful for RF component vendors, enterprise or individuals to create, distribute or update their simulation parts libraries for multiple Genesys users anywhere

User Interface enhancements and bug fixes

  • User interface enhancements such as fonts, colors and trace default settings are adjusted to be visible on high-res 4K monitors
  • Genesys' renowned Ease-of-Use has been further improved in many areas to reduce mouse clicks or scrolling to accomplish common design tasks such as simulation setup, persistent font and trace settings
  • Minor bug fixes to synthesis and simulation

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  • W2362EP/ET RF Architect & Synthesis Element - Advanced Design System (ADS) add-on with synthesis and RF Architect
  • W1322BP/BT Genesys Core, Synthesis Bundle - Most capable RF circuit synthesis package on the market at any price
  • W1338BP/BT Genesys Core, Synthesis, Circuit, System, EM, Modulated RF Bundle – Most powerful Genesys bundle for RF circuit-system synthesis and design

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