PathWave Model QA 2020 includes the following new features and major enhancements:

  • Support for ASM-HEMT large signal model QA with PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS)
  • Support for high frequency noise model QA
  • Support for BSIM-CMG binned model QA
  • Improvement of the Python post-processing feature

PathWave Model QA 2020 is available now.

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PathWave Design SoftwareIntroducing PathWave Model QA 2020

PathWave Model QA 2020 adds the support for ASM-HEMT large signal model QA, the high frequency noise model QA, and the BSIM-CMG binned model QA to ensure high quality model release in a more flexible and efficient way.

ASM-HEMT Large Signal Model QA with ADS

  • Benchmark rules for Pout/PAE/Gain, harmonics, P1db, IM3 and OIP3
  • Adds the support for power sweep accuracy check by overlapping Focus’ measurement data (*.sat and *.satwave)
  • Automated rule generation base on the measurement data

High Frequency Thermal Noise Model QA

  • Noise parameters (NFmin, Rn, Gopt_mag and Gopt_phase) vs. Frequency
  • Adds the support for noise circle plot
  • Supported simulators: Spectre and HSPICE

PathWave Model QA 2020 Noise Circle PlotFigure 1. Noise Circle Plot.

Support for BSIMCMG binned model QA

  • “perBin” supports the instance NFIN
  • The type of model with Level=72 under Spectre is shown as “BSIM-CMG” now

Other Enhancements

  • Improvement of the Python post-processing feature
  • Support for MALIAS command in HSPICE model card
  • Improves the loading speed of mdm data
  • Improves the UI by removing the redundant “Update” icons in the Lib Explorer

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