GoldenGate 2013.10 (4.8) includes the following new and improved capabilities:

Wireless Standard-compliant Design

  • Verification Test Bench (VTB) – Pre-defined SystemVue test benches that can be used by RFIC designers using GoldenGate to easily validate circuit performance against modulated metrics such as Error Vector Magnitude (EVM), Bit Error Rate (BER), or Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR).
  • Fast Circuit Envelope (FCE) Noise – Added noise support to the existing SystemVue link. This is a must have for any receiver test such as sensitivity/desensitization. FCE was used to create a SystemVue model with minimal performance impact that represents the degradation due to the RFIC in system-level simulations.

Identify & Optimize Critical Components

  • Sensitivity Analysis – Enables quick analysis and diagnosis of problem areas, especially around device noise and device sensitivity, also helpful in large-signal analysis.
  • Fast Yield Contributor (FYC) Envelope Support – Adds envelope analysis support for FYC capability. FYC enables dramatic speed-up of Monte Carlo simulations for process and mismatch variations and also provides a contributor table to identify the root cause devices and/or blocks.


Keysight’s GoldenGate 2013.10 delivers new and enhanced capabilities that improve productivity and efficiency for Silicon RFIC designers.

Note: GoldenGate 2013.10 is a base product release (4.8.0) that includes all 4.8.x versions of GoldenGate.


  • New Sensitivity analysis for DC, CR and SSNA
  • Fast Yield Contributor (FYC) support in Envelope Transient (ET) and S-parameter (SP) analyses
  • New oscillator algorithm specially targeted for high-Q oscillators
  • New automatic steady-state detection and auto-harmonic estimation within Initial Transient
  • New high level transient accuracy control
  • Improved memory usage report, now only includes the virtual memory allocated by the simulator

System Level Links

  • New Verification Test Bench (VTB) enables easy-to-use EVM, BER, or ACPR type of measurements (in the first release, pre-configured test benches are available for WLAN 802 11 ac, LTE, LTE-Advanced)
  • Noise support in Fast Circuit Envelope (FCE) model


  • UTSOI v1.14 and v2.0 models
  • HICUM level0 1.31
  • Angelov GaN model
  • SiMKit version 4.0 and 4.01 support
  • Touchstone 2 along with .ts extension support
  • Added adsLib X6P, X7P, X8P component support


  • Added band spectrum max(), mean(), min() functions for ET performance
  • Improved Noise contribution table (NCT) – NCT contains mean value and standard deviation for each noise source and combines all contribution tables into a single table
  • Supports “reload” in results form and plotting a result is enabled by double clicking

Graphical User Interface

  • Virtual Sources and Virtual Probes can be added as Analysis-specific and only selectable for their applicable analyses
  • Mandatory fields are differentiated from optional fields


  • New Jivaro integration – Parasitic netlist reduction can be enabled on demand
  • Virtuoso 6.1.6 support

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