PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) 2021 Update 2.1 addresses 53 items (bugs/tasks/stories) in the following areas:

CircuitSim – DDR,  CircuitSim – DC/AC/Trans/Models, CircuitSim – SerDes, Data Display, Design Editing, Design & Tech Management, EM Integration, Sim Manager, DRC & LVS, SiPi Design Import/Export, Momentum, FEM, RFPro, PIPro and SIPro.

For more details, please refer to Release Notes. 

ADS 2021 Update 2.1
Platform Filename Downloads Size md5sum
Linux 64-bit

2,061,584,302 bytes (1.92 GB)


Windows 64-bit Download 689,963,008 bytes (658 MB) 9023c44a31e3f4c4df1e3b0fd7469e23
Documentation Download 422,912 bytes (413 KB)

Note: ADS 2021 Update 2.1 is a minor update release and must be installed on ADS 2021 Update 2.0 (base release).


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