Students completing qualification as Keysight RF/MW Industry-Ready Students have demonstrated to be valued individuals to their universities and future employees.

A key component of this certification program is the use of Keysight’s RF/MW workflow environment, a comprehensive way to simulate, measure and analyze communications components and systems. The foundations are Keysight's PathWave Design Software, industry proven design tools and high performance RF/MW measurement instruments. Bringing real-world measurement and test earlier into the design process enables design flaws to be captured early and corrected in a time- and cost-efficient manner, reducing overall development cost and improving design-to- manufacturing cycle time.

The table below shows a list of participating universities. Click any university link to display a list of certified students for that university.

* Note: There are two levels of certification. Both levels require satisfactory course completion of a Keysight certified course and/or lab that demonstrate a minimum coverage of software design and instrument measurement topics. One or more classes or labs may be required to satisfactorily complete the required topics. The first level will also require completion of a hands-on test to demonstrate Keysight EDA design tool and Keysight instrument measurement capabilities. This test should take no more than 30 minutes and can be administered by a graduate teaching assistant or professor.

  • Level 1 proficiency – Basic Keysight EDA tool knowledge and basic measurement expertise. For example, PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) circuit filter design and Network Analyzer S-parameter measurements of filter.
  • Level 2 proficiency – Additional design analysis with Keysight EDA tools (possibly other design tool expertise such as PathWave EM Design (EMPro) or PathWave System Design (SystemVue)) along with more involved measurement expertise. No test is required for Level 2. For example, use of Momentum or EM Design simulation in ADS with modulated signal creation and measurements with Signal Sources and Analyzers.

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