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RF and Microwave Industry-Ready Student Certification Program



The trend is clear, technology innovations will increase at even faster rates in the future. For industry, these innovations will continue to drive time-to- market pressures and the need for productivity gains. Universities can assist by producing engineers ready to step in and be productive from day one. Universities must produce industry-ready engineers who are knowledgeable of the tools and processes used in the industry today. This allows industry to hire with confidence knowing that the productivity of the new employee is assured from day one. This program provides a collaboration between industry and universities to produce and recognize industry-ready engineers.

Students completing qualification as Keysight Technologies RF and Microwave Industry-Ready Students have demonstrated immediate value to prospective employers and confirm each university’s interest in preparing students for future industry contribution.

A key component of this certification program is the use of Keysight’s RF and Microwave workflow environment, a comprehensive way to simulate, measure and analyze communications components and systems. The foundations are PathWave Design Software’s industry proven design tools and high-performance RF and Microwave measurement instruments. Bringing real-world measurement and test earlier into the design process enables design flaws to be captured early and corrected in a time- and cost-efficient manner, reducing overall development cost and improving design-to-manufacturing cycle time.

Level of Experience

Certification insures that the student has completed an RFIC, RF Board, Microwave, or System design class. For PathWave Design Software expertise, students will have basic knowledge of DC simulation, curves, bias, sweeps, models, parameters, libraries, AC simulation, gain, time-domain, noise, use of DesignGuides, Smith charts, S-parameters and matching networks, harmonic balance simulation, plotting data, and writing equations. For measurement expertise, students will have completed basic measurement tasks using Keysight Network Analyzers, Signal Sources, or Signal Analyzers. These tasks will include, but are not limited to: transmission line fundamentals, measurements of cables, group delay filters, attenuators, amplifiers, mixers, and antennas. Included in the measurement experience are error correction techniques and calibration methodology. In addition, as part of the Signal Sources and Analyzers training, the student will have completed labs demonstrating their understanding of swept tuned analysis, power measurement, AM, FM, PM, pulsed, I and Q and other digital modulation basics.

Keysight Requirements for Universities

• The university must use one or more Keysight’s Pathwave Design Software tools in their curriculum (PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS), PathWave RF Synthesis (Genesys), PathWave System Design (SystemVue), PathWave EM Design (EMPro), The PathWave Design Software should be an essential component of the curriculum.

• The university must use Keysight instrumentation for the measurement of their RF and Microwave devices (RF vector network analyzer, sources, receivers, oscilloscopes, etc.). These instruments should be an essential component of the lab exercises.

• The ideal curriculum and lab will involve design, building, measurement, and

analysis of RF and Microwave components to help students gain real-world understanding of RF and Microwave design and measurement techniques.


Qualification Process for Universities and Students

• University completes and submits Keysight RF and Microwave Industry-Ready Student Certification Program submission form. Additional classroom curriculum and lab material may be required for review by Keysight.

• Keysight certifies that the university course and lab topics meets the program requirements

• Keysight notifies university of acceptance

• Students are notified of certification program by the course professor 


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