Advanced Design System (ADS)Advanced Design System (ADS) 2020 Update 2.0 Datalink is an add-on that enables engineers to process simulation data in the Data Display environment using customizable Python scripts. Datalink consists of a set of ADS and Python functions which, when paired together, enable automatic data transfer and script execution. The scripts are invoked using a standard Data Display equation object or a schematic based MeasEqn object, and data can be passed through this equation as well. Datalink includes a full, standalone Python 3 install which is used to execute the scripts. Adding Python to Data Display enables advanced functionality such as instrument connectivity, 3D plotting, and contour generation. Several example applications and customizable scripts are included as part of the install and the example workspaces, Datalink_Basics_wrk and Plot_Various_Meas_LP_Data_Using_Datalink_wrk. It is not necessary for the user to know how to code in Python to take advantage of these capabilities.

Download the ADS 2020 Update 2.0 Datalink
Platform Filename Downloads Size
Windows 64-bit datalink_2020_update2.0.exe Download 461,373,440 bytes (440 MB)

Note: ADS 2020 Update 2.0 must be installed before attempting to install the Datalink 2020 Update 2.0 and there is no additional license required to use the Datalink capability.

The Datalink option for the Linux platform is already included in the ADS 2020 Update 2.0 installation for Linux.

For more information on the Datalink documentation, refer the ADS 2020 Update 2.0 Release Notes.

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