Advance EV Charging and V2G

Accelerate Development of
EV Charging and V2G

With Keysight's design, emulation, and test solutions, you can accelerate the development, integration, and deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems. Contact us today to learn more about how Keysight can help you accelerate your next EV charging innovation.

Enable EVs to Become Distributed Energy Resources

V2G-enabled EVs function as distributed energy resources, providing additional capacity to stabilize the grid during heavy demand. However, the transition to a V2G ecosystem brings new challenges to ensuring grid stability and reliability.

Discover the Building Blocks for EV Charging and V2G Innovation

We can help you tailor your entire development ecosystem to your unique requirements.


E-mobility Ecosystem

Testing the entire e-mobility environment is necessary to meet industry conformance standards.

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Charging Interfaces

Validate the power conversion that takes place at various interfaces across the evolving e-mobility ecosystem.

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Electric Car

EV Emulation

Reduce design cycle time and increase productivity in EV charging development.

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Grid Energy

Grid Sustainability

Modernizing global power grid standards are critical to further EV interaction with the grid.

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Charging Interoperability

Verify interoperability of all EV and EVSE charging interfaces using Keysight's Scienlab Charging Discovery System.

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EV / EVSE Charging

Learn how vehicle and charging equipment can operate according to industry standards.

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Learn About the Latest EV Charging and V2G Trends

Video: Realizing the Potential of V2G-Enabled EVs as a Distributed Energy Resource

Andrew Cifala explains what a V2G-enabled electric vehicle is and how to realize its potential as a distributed energy resource alongside other renewable energy sources like solar and wind.

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Andrew Cifala

Video: EV Trends in Plug and Charge and Bidirectional Power

Moritz Pszola explains how bidirectional power transfer technology will help EV drivers and the electricity grid achieve maximum energy usage efficiency.

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Moritz Pszola

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