Test EV and EVSE Communication Controllers at the Component Level

Solve challenges related to protocol conformance, error detection, security, and overall system reliability with comprehensive testing of electric vehicle (EV) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) charging communication. The Keysight SL1550A EV - EVSE Charging Communication Interface Tester (Com Tester) enables you to emulate electric vehicle communication controllers (EVCC) and supply equipment communication controllers (SECC) and allows development, conformance, manufacturing, and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) integration tests, providing versatility in testing scenarios.

  • Perform component-level tests easily and identify issues during the early development of your device under test (DUT)
  • Reduce the time and cost involved in testing
  • Prevent interoperability issues
  • Avoid communication errors resulting in charging failures

Key Specifications

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High Performance for the Whole Development Cycle

The EV - EVSE Charging Communication Interface Tester covers several use cases during the development cycle and the corresponding test phases. You can use the test system standalone for testing Combined Charging System (CCS) communication between EV and EVSE.

Extend your testing capabilities with additional Keysight charging test solutions in your test setup to test with power flow or further charging standards (among others CHAdeMO, GB/T).

SL1550A with SL1470A Software

Smart Charging Emulation Software for Comprehensive EV / EVSE Testing

The Keysight SL1470A EV - EVSE Smart Charging Emulation Software (SCE) complements the EV / EVSE emulation capabilities of the Com Tester during the development stage. It is used for functional- and scenario-driven tests that support various protocols such as DIN 70121, OCPP 1.6, ISO 15118-2 Plug and Charge (PnC) emulation, and 15118-20 DC for bidirectional power transfer (BPT).

SL1470A EV - EVSE Smart Charging Emulation Software

Advanced Test Automation Software for Charging Conformance Testing

Protocol conformance testing is a key prerequisite for developing interoperable EV charging equipment. In combination with the Keysight SL1471A Charging Communication Test Automation Software (CCT), test conformance and interoperability of your DUT with preprogrammed test suites, covering different CCS standards such as ISO 15118-4/-5 including PnC / Transport Layer Security (TLS) and DIN 70122. In addition, intentional testing with error test cases and fault injection helps proactively assess system resilience, uncover vulnerabilities, and enhance overall reliability and performance. 




SL1471A TTCN-3 Charging Communication Test Automation Software

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