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Low-Power (< 200 W) Battery Emulation Portfolio


Extend and Validate Battery Life


Keysight BV9211B PathWave BenchVue battery test and emulation software allows you to quickly identify the impact of critical factors on battery life. These factors include determining the battery life impacts of hardware changes, software / firmware updates, ambient temperature, and battery age. You can use these insights to enhance your device’s design, extending battery life


Another benefit of Keysight software is its ability to validate battery life claims by performing run-down analysis and simulating the battery drain of your device


The software’s key functions include the ability to profile and emulate batteries, conduct current-drain analysis, and perform battery run-down and cycle testing. BV9211B software operates on the high-performance Keysight N6705C DC power analyzer and the optimized Keysight E36731A emulator and profiler for lower-power applications. This product brochure will help you pick the correct hardware for your application



Optimized emulation solution

High-performance emulation solution


E36731A emulator and profiler

N6705C or N6700C modular mainframe N6781A or N6785A SMU module


BV9211B PathWave BenchVue battery test and emulation software

BV9211B PathWave BenchVue battery test and emulation software

Note: The N6705C and N6700C support more than 50 modules that you can mix and match for various testing use cases. Battery emulation is only one of many supported use cases. The E36731A, in contrast, is optimized specifically for battery emulation and profiling.


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