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Pulse, Pattern, Function, and Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Application Notes

Table of Contents 

  • Sources for Analog and Digital Signals 
  • Pulse Generation
    • Pulse generation and signal parameters
    • Glitch-free timing changes
  • From Pulse to Pattern, Data, and PRBS 
  • From Digital to Analog
    • Mixed-signal devices require analog and digital signals in addition to modulation capabilities 
  • Transition/Time Converters
  • Keysight Pulse and Arbitrary Signal Sources 
    • Product Characteristics at a Glance
    • Product Characteristics at a Glance
    • Key Applications at a Glance
  • Signal Source Product Overviews
    • 33500B Series Waveform Generators 
    • 33600A Series Waveform Generators
    • 81133A and 81134A Pulse Pattern Generator
    • 81150A Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator 
    • 81160A Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator 
    • M3201A and M3202A Arbitrary Waveform Generators  
    • M8020A High-performance J-BERT Pattern Generator 
    • M8040A 64 Gbaud High-performance BERT 
    • M8190A 12 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator 
    • M8195A 65 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator 
    • M8196A 92 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator
    • M9195B Digital Stimulus/Response 
    • M9330A/31A and N824xA Arbitrary Waveform Generators
    • M9336A and P9336A Arbitrary Waveform Generators 
  • Related Literature

Sources for Analog and Digital Signals 

Choose the performance you need from Keysight’s comprehensive portfolio of reliable pulse, data, function, and arbitrary waveform generator instruments. This family of signal stimulus instruments includes: 

  • Pulse generators 
  • Pattern generators 
  • Data generators 
  • PRBS generators 
  • Jitter generators 
  • Noise generators 
  • Controllable jitter injection 
  • Timing generators 
  • Function arbitrary generators 
  • Arbitrary waveform generators

The Perfect Signal Generation Instrument for Your Application 

Keysight’s pulse, pattern, function, and arbitrary waveform generators deliver the reliable and accurate results you require whether you: 

  • Need to test your baseband devices with complex, digitally modulated waveforms, or 
  • Need to characterize a high-speed serial bus device at the physical layer, or 
  • Need to get a detailed insight into your system’s signal integrity.

Pulse Generation 

Pulse generation and signal parameters 

A pulse generator provides full control over all pulse parameters like timing, levels, and edges as shown in Figure 1 below. It is used to set up continuous or triggered pulse streams and offers flexibility to address the most challenging applications. All parameters can be adjusted to meet the needs of the specific application. Pulse generation capability is provided by all models. The pulse function arbitrary noise generator provides all flexibility to generate ideal and worst-case signals. The Keysight instruments cover a frequency range from 1 µHz to 3 GHz and an output amplitude range from 50 mV up to 10 V.


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