SL1040A-ST2 Scienlab Charging Discovery System – Portable Series

Data Sheets

Scienlab Charging Discovery System EV & EVSE Test SL1040A-ST2 

Solution Overview

The Scienlab Charging Discovery System (CDS) from Keysight is a modular solution for conformance and interoperability testing of electric vehicles (EV) and EV supply equipment (EVSE) charging interfaces. Thanks to its modular design, the CDS can be configured to customers' specific needs for testing and validating the charging interface of electric vehicles and charging infrastructures. The photos show the 19” Scienlab Charging Discovery System Portable Series. For further CDS variants (e.g. EMC shielding or high-power options) refer to other data sheets.

Operation modes

Emulation mode

In emulation mode, the CDS reproduces the behavior of the charging processes as described in the standards. However, there are a few locations where the CDS is more tolerant than the standards. The electrical behavior is modeled with some simple charging models.

Configuration examples

Consider the targeted use case and test scope when ordering CDS hardware. For some applications, such as conformance testing of the charging communication protocols, the CDS alone may suffice. This is suitable when testing individual components of a charging system (e.g., Supply Equipment Communication Controller (SECC) or EVCC) rather than the entire product. Full conformance tests require a power source (or load) in addition to the CDS.

General functions

• Real-time computing control unit with high system performance and low dead times.

• Standard-compliant emulation of the EV or EVSE charging communication controller; programmable using documented interfaces.

• Built-in control of up to two charging sockets with locking actuator and temperature monitoring.

• Fault injection at the control and proximity pilot (idle and short circuit).

• Person-in-the-middle mode for analyzing the charging communication interface between EV and EVSE.

• Included drivers allow easy integration of Scienlab power sources and sinks.

• Included Scienlab Charging Discover software for Windows operating system.

SL1040A-IRE Scienlab Insulation Resistance Emulator

For testing the insulation monitoring function of vehicle or charging station, a variable resistance between DC+ and PE and DC- and PE is connected to the Charging Discovery System (CDS). The Scienlab Insulation Resistance Emulator (IRE) can be used in this way to emulate an insulation fault systematically. The IRE may only be used in combination with the CDS and is shipped with an example test case for EVSE testing. 


Software functionality without additional license

Reading and writing test cases is a basic function of the Charging Discovery System. With the Test Editor the user can conveniently define own test cases directly within the Charging Discover graphical user interface. Test case programming is performed using functions based on common high-level language elements. Loops, test steps, and subroutines can be combined. Available system functions and parameters are automatically suggested and explained through tooltips while typing (intelligent code completion).

• Simple and intuitive programming language (proprietary, but C-like) and clear tabular representation.

• Use of chronological value tables or real charging profiles.

• Dynamic source/sink parametrization: modification of setpoint parameters while the source/sink is active.

• Independent creation of test sequences using variables for different device under test profiles.

• Use of "print commands" for documenting dynamic results in the Charging Discover trace. 

The software functionality, without an additional license, includes reading and modifying test case packages purchased from Keysight as well as customized (self-created) test cases. The execution of the test case packages purchased from Keysight is also possible.

SL1040A-S01 Expert mode

The Expert mode represents an extension of the available software functionality described above by enabling the possibility to execute customized test cases. In addition, it is possible to control and monitor the test case execution via remote access.

SL1040A-S02 Developer mode

Remote interface

The Developer mode enables users to connect the Scienlab Charging Discovery System with a third-party test automation through Ethernet (TCP/UDP). This interface allows users to parametrize EV/EVSE emulation or test case mode and execute tests remotely. The Keysight Windows application software, Scienlab Charging Discover, captures traces in this mode when automatically connected, but the software tool is not required during test execution anymore.


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