A New Standard in Precision Current Stability and Programming Accuracy

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A New Standard in Precision Current Stability and Programming Accuracy  

Keysight Technologies and BiRa Systems Inc.

Achieve Higher Levels of Precision Current Stability and Programming Accuracy  

There are applications that require current stability exceeding the capability of most commercial off-the-shelf power supplies. For these situations, BiRa Systems manufactures a Precision Current Regulator Controller (PCRC) in a slim 1U package. Used in systems with Keysight N5700 and N8700 Series DC power supplies, the BiRa’s PCRC is able to stabilize output current as low as 5ppm. The PCRC power supply controller has the ability to read back voltage, current, and ground current/faults. In addition to a standard closed loop feedback system, PCRC uses (provides) an additional secondary independent channel to measure currents up to 600A RMS at 20 bits with 0.0001% precision. The PCRC system uses highly stable direct current current transformer (DCCT) as a loop sensor for output regulation. PCRC is compatible (and can be interfaced1) with a variety of Keysight N5700 and N8700 Series DC system power supplies from 750W to 60kW. It provides additional connections for up to 4 independent external interlocks to allow integration with machine protection systems and other necessary facility safety controls. All the communication is done over Ethernet with a large array of drivers available.


  • Current precision, accuracy and stability
  • Adds an external constant current feedback loop
  • Versatile controller compatible with Keysight N5700 and N8700 power supplies 1
  • Independent high current measurement system
  • Additional connections for 1-4 external interlocks for personnel safety and equipment protection


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