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N7631C Signal Studio Pro for 5G NR

Technical Overviews

  • Generate 3GPP 5G NR standard-compliant signals for testing base stations, mobile transmitters and receivers with channel coding and multi-antenna port support
  • Support single-carrier and multi-carriers operation
  • Download and playback 5G NR signal waveforms with a vector signal generator

Simplify Custom Signal Creation

Keysight Technologies, Inc. Signal Studio Pro for 5G NR software is a flexible signal creation tool that will reduce the time you spend on signal simulation. Quickly and easily generate 5G NR signals for component, transmitter, and receiver test.

Two types of licenses are available:

  • A PC based license for waveform creation and download to a supported signal generators (N7631APPC)
  • An instrument embedded license for waveform creation, downloading and playback (N7631EMBC)

Component and transmitter test

Signal Studio Pro uses waveform playback mode to create and customize waveform files needed to test components and transmitters.

Its user-friendly interface lets you configure signal parameters, calculate the resulting waveforms, and download files for playback on a vector signal generator or for analysis using the vector signal analysis software.

The applications for these test signals include parametric test of components such as amplifiers and filters, and performance characterization and verification of RF sub-systems.

Receiver test

Signal Studio Pro enables you to create signals for receiver Block Error Rate (BLER) for early testing of receiver hardware.

Apply your signals in real-world testing

Once you set up your signals in Signal Studio Pro, you can download them to a variety of Keysight instruments. This offers flexibility in generating signals at various carrier frequencies with different bandwidths for multiple applications.

Signal Studio Pro software provides a cost-effective way to tailor your test equipment to your measurement needs in design and development.

Vector signal generators

  • X-Series: N5182B MXG, N5172B EXG
  • M9383A PXIe Microwave Signal Generator (1 MHz to 44 GHz)
  • M9381A PXIe VSG (1 MHz to 6 GHz)
  • M9420A/M9421A PXIe VXT (1 MHz to 6 GHz)
  • M9383B VXG-m microwave Signal Generator
  • M9384B VXG microwave Signal Generator
  • M9410A/M9411A PXIe VXT (1 MHz to 6 GHz) (up to 4x4 MIMO)

Arbitrary waveform generator (AWG)

  • M8190A AXIe AWG
  • M8190A AXIe AWG + E8267D PSG
  • Waveform playback support
  • M8195A AXIe AWG
  • M9336A PXIe I/Q AWG
  • P9336A USB I/Q AWG

Typical measurements

Test components and transmitters:

  • CCDF
  • EVM
  • Channel power
  • Occupied bandwidth
  • Spectrum

Test receivers:

  • Component test along receiver chain
  • Receiver sensitivity
  • BLER

Component and Transmitter Test

N7631C Signal Studio Pro for 5G NR enables you to generate 5G NR signals to characterize the power and modulation performance of your components and transmitters. Easily manipulate a variety of signal parameters to simplify signal creation.

  • Quickly configure and generate 5G NR test models for FDD and TDD.
  • Create spectrally-correct signals for channel power, spectral mask, and spurious testing.
  • View CCDF, spectrum, time domain, and power envelope graphs to investigate the effects of power ramps, modulation formats, power changes, clipping, and other effects on device performance.
  • Adjust Peak-To-Average-Ratio (PAPR) with Crest Factor Reduction.
  • Baseband filter and windowing for spectrum control to improve the out-of-band performance.


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