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Transmitter Test: Overcoming Five Fundamental Challenges

Application Notes

The development of any wireless system is a demanding task, bounded by tight constraints and complicated by innumerable tradeoffs. Success in the marketplace depends on constant improvement in performance, cost, and time-to-market. Whether you’re testing components, subsystems, or complete radios, you’ll face tough challenges in RF testing. This application note offers solutions that will help you overcome five major challenges:

  • Ensuring compliance with complex standards
  • Making accurate RF power measurements
  • Solving interference problems
  • Finding and fixing EMI problems
  • Optimizing power consumption


Ensuring Compliance with Complex Standards and Regulations

Mobile data and voice services have a constant need for increased channel capacity, and the same is generally true for wireless LAN. Developers are meeting these needs using a variety of techniques, each of which makes transmitter testing more challenging. Examples of these techniques include complex modulation types, frame structures, and multiplexing schemes. Multi-carrier schemes and multi-channel extensions such as MIMO and carrier aggregation only add to the complexity.


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