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802.11ad Integrated RF Test Solution

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802.11ad Integrated RF Test Solution

E7760A Wideband Transceiver

M1650A mmWave Transceiver

Data Sheet 


Design your 802.11ad device with confidence

Evaluating devices at 68 GHz with 2 GHz of IF bandwidth is difficult. You need tools that step up to the challenge and prove out your design. The E7760A wideband transceiver with its built in 802.11ad application software gives you insight into both the IF and the RF of your device. Connect the E7760A to a M1650A mmWave transceiver and your measurement plane is now right next to your device. Attach six RF heads to a single E7760A to drive greater throughput in multi-device testing, or speed up beam steering calibration. Validating an 802.11ad design is tough, but with the E7760A and M1650A you’ll get it done faster and with confidence. 

Product Specifications Definitions and Conditions

The test set is expected to meet its specifications when:

  •  The test set is within its calibration cycle
  •  The test set has been stored at an ambient temperature within the allowed operating range for at least two hours before being turned on; if it had previously been stored at a temperature range inside the allowed storage range, but outside the allowed operating range
  •  All alignments have been run after the warm up period (E7760A, 45 minutes; M1650A, 2 hours) :
  •  Within the previous 8 hours
  •  If the temperature has changed more than 5 ºC from the previous “ALL” alignment


The expected performance that 95% of the products exhibit with 95% confidence level at room temperature (approximately 25 °C), after alignment within the stated alignment time and temperature limits.


The expected performance or information useful in the application of the product, but are not covered by the product warranty


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