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5G Solutions Brochure


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5G Solutions Brochure

5G Evolution. Revolution. Reality.

Being first and best in 5G depends on tools that let you explore new signals, scenarios and topologies. Keysight’s 5G solutions are ready to enable deeper insights as you, and we, evolve with the standard.

In design and test, our solutions support innovation across new and existing technologies as you transform ideas into reality. The race is on and Keysight will help you take the lead—from evolution to revolution to reality.

Enabling Transformative


As the leading provider of test and measurement solutions for wideband RF, microwave and millimeter-wave technologies, we have two primary goals in 5G. One is to assist commercial researchers as they accelerate the development and verification of new-generation designs (see pages 3-4). The other is to help researchers in academia explore groundbreaking concepts with greater precision and deeper confidence.

We’re supporting these efforts with an unmatched range of 5G solutions based on Keysight hardware and software products. All will assist engineers and scientists as they drive the evolution of existing technologies, create revolution through new innovations, and transform the vision of 5G into reality.

Helping Create the Standard and Fostering Research Partnerships

The race is on to demonstrate successful implementations of 5G. Keysight has been there from the beginning, collaborating with the earliest players in 5G and supporting advanced research and experimentation.

One conduit is Keysight Laboratories, which is our central resource for applied research. Laboratories staff has been, and continues to be, engaged with numerous commercial customers as well as the relevant consortia and standards bodies. Another important link is Keysight University Relations, which sponsors and mentors university research.

This level of direct involvement provides a firsthand view of the latest technological and marketplace developments. From that vantage point, we’re offering measurement insight as the industry defines next-generation standards and the necessary test procedures. We’re also applying that knowledge to the creation of new-generation instrumentation and software that provides headroom to meet current and evolving challenges.

Accelerate Development and Verification of New-Generation Designs for 5G

Gain the benefits of our early and ongoing collaboration with 5G research. The results are embodied in Keysight hardware and software products tuned for 5G.

Explore New Signals, Scenarios and Topologies

Our versatile bundle of SystemVue simulation reference libraries for 5G equips you to explore current challenges and continue forward as the standard takes shape. Modifiable source code allows you to quickly understand and explore pre-5G physical-layer alternatives. The ability to validate RF and baseband integration early in the development process reduces project risk.

The SystemVue environment also lets you simulate missing hardware and account for different multi-antenna architectures early in the design phase to model throughput performance. Integrated signal generators and signal analyzers simplify the validation of prototypes as the standard evolves.

Create the Test Environment You Need—Faster—With Reference Solutions

Keysight continues to release a growing number of reference solutions that combine off-the-shelf hardware with application-specific software that encapsulates our measurement expertise. The result is a flexible foundation you can easily adapt to meet specific needs now and as 5G evolves.

Accelerate the development of new millimeter-wave (mmWave) channel models using the 5G channel sounding reference solution.

It provides accurate broadband measurements that provide greater confidence as you characterize potential new 5G air interfaces.

Enable New Insights That Transform 5G Into Reality

The foundation is Keysight’s unique mix of hardware, software and people. You can count on test equipment and design software that is built on more than 75 years of leadership in measurement science.

Equip your teams with tools that ensure optimized designs, greater productivity and, ultimately, faster time-to-market. When you choose Keysight, you also gain the peace of mind that comes with our custom assurance plans and expanded calibration services that ensure ongoing measurement accuracy.

Our instruments are also designed to be future-proof, making it easier for you to evolve with changing technologies and stay on the leading edge. You can carry your investment forward with consistent measurement science that spans research and development today and extends to manufacturing and deployment in the future.

We can also advise, assist and augment your teams: all around the world, you can tap into the expertise of Keysight consultants and application engineers who are deeply familiar with the latest wireless technologies—RF, microwave and mmWave. They have created custom systems for 5G channel sounding and massive MIMO, and can provide test-optimization consulting that simplifies systems and streamlines processes.


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