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TS-8989 PXI Functional Test System


Keysight Technologies

TS-8989 PXI Functional Test System

Maximizing test coverage with Minimum system size

Industries and Applications

– Automotive Electronic Control Unit Test

    – Immobilizers, Electronic Parking Brakes (EPB), Airbag Control Unit, Electronic Clutch Applications (ECA), Body Control Module (BCM)

– Industrial Electronics Test

    – LED Driver Modules

Product Description

The Keysight Technologies, Inc. TS-8989 PXI Functional Test System provides manufacturers with a cost effective, integrated, modular PXI-based measurement and high current switch load unit system in a box.

Ordering Information

Keysight offers a variety of configuration options for the TS-8989 to suit different product applications. Please contact your Keysight sales representative for the best option to suit your needs.


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Column Control DTX