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GNSS Technologies and GNSS Receiver Testing

Application Notes

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) is the general term used for systems that allow users to determine their location based on information from satellites. In addition to the Global Positioning System (GPS) which is run by the United States, the GLONASS system from Russia is now in full operation. The Beidou system from China, also known as Compass, and the Galileo system from the European Union are also in the process of being deployed. Of the 4 main systems in various stages of deployment today, GPS is the oldest, and has been in operation providing worldwide coverage since 1994. The system continues to be upgraded, with Block IIF satellites launched in 2012 and launches of Block III satellites planned in order to provide additional signals and services. The GLONASS system was first launched by the Soviet Union in 1982, but fell into disrepair after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia has restored and completed the system which became fully operational in October 2011 and provides worldwide coverage today. Russia is continuing to enhance the system with the launch of new GLONASS-K satellites which will provide new signals similar in nature to GPS and Galileo.


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