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M9170A PXI Attenuator/Switch Driver Module

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Keysight Technologies, Inc. now provides an attenuator/switch driver based on the modular PXI platform with an emphasis on ease of configuration and operation.

Product description

The Keysight M9170A one-slot PXI attenuator/switch driver module provides flexible drive control for the expansive portfolio of Keysight RF & microwave step attenuators and electromechanical switches. It is a PXI-hybrid compliant module, which comes with a full-featured graphical interface soft front panel (SFP) for ease of control and trigger.

To maximize the PXI chassis slot utilization and improve testing efficiency, the M9170A is able to drive a combination of:

12 external SPDT switches or

4 external SP4T/6T switches or

12 external transfer switches or

2 external step attenuators

Occupying just a single slot in a PXI chassis, the M9170A provides an alternative to drive Keysight’s broad portfolio of standalone switches and attenuators.

The M9170A also provides over-current protection.


Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

RF communications

Engineering verification

RF parametric measurements

Mid- and high-density signal routing matrix


Drive up to 12 external SPDT switches, or 4 external SP4T/6T switches, or 12 transfer switches, or 2 external attenuators 1

Dual Voltage supply of 5V and 24V

Dual variation of driving modes: pulsed and continuous

Soft front panel provides a dynamic dashboard view and control of the connected attenuators or switches

Point-to-point interface cable options available to facilitate seamless connection between the module and the various types of Keysight switches and attenuators


Customer values

Maximize the PXI chassis slot utilization, which ultimately improves testing efficiency

Ensure biasing compatibility with most switches and attenuators on the market therefore increasing system flexibility

Allows quick selection of device models and the subsequent switch paths or attenuation levels

Intuitive configuration for all Keysight switches and attenuators


Easy Setup ... Test ... and Maintenance

Hardware Platform


The M9170A consists of two independent banks with 12 channels in each bank. Connection to each bank is made via the front panel through a 20-pin connector header. Please refer to the M9170A Configuration Guide (5991-0052EN) for instructions on point-to-point connection between the driver module and the switches/attenuators.

Interface cables

The M9170A occupies one slot in a PXI chassis and is connected to the external switches and attenuators by selecting one of the six customized interface cables. These cables will facilitate a convenient and secure connection for all devices. By having the interface cable, without mounting the switches or attenuators onto the module, you can freely attach an RF switch to the system to create the shortest length between the switch and the instrument. A shorter RF path ensures minimum power loss.


The M9170A is PXI compliant using either a PXI-H, PXI-1 or cPCI slot. Designed to benefit from fast data interfaces, the M9170A can be integrated with other test and automation modules in PXI, Compact PCI, and Hybrid chassis. The PXI format offers high performance in a small rugged footprint and is an ideal deployment platform for many automated test systems. A wide array of complementary PXI products is currently available. Products include multimeters, waveform generators, local oscillators, digitizers, and switch multiplexers.

Software Platform


Keysight‘s M9170A comes complete with software drivers for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and LabVIEW. Also included are application code examples for LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Visual Studio, C, C++, and MATLAB.


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