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Test Solutions for Greater Insight into Wireless Connectivity


From design and development…

Keysight is an active participant in the development of test processes and measurement methods by following wireless connectivity forums and organizations: IEEE, Wi-Fi Alliance, WiMAX Forum, WiGi Alliance, and more. We are determined never to let test equipment needs stand in your way of developing innovative products for evolving wireless standards.

To installation and maintenance…

Field work continues to be demanding. Keysight’s tools allow you to do more in the field in less time and increase your ability to detect and eliminate interfering signals.

Evolving needs in Wireless Connectivity

Driving the need for new wireless connectivity is the relentless demand for data capacity. More connected devices in homes and businesses, more dataintensive applications on smartphones and tablets, and mobile network operators offloading data connections to WiFi all contribute to the need for solutions such as the higher speed and capacity of the new 802.11ac and 802.11ad Wireless LAN variants. At the other end of the scale, the simple sensors such as smart meters and inventory management tools which are envisaged as components of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), are driving the need for low-rate, highly efficient communications solutions. These range from centimeterrange Near Field Communication (NFC) through Bluetooth and Zigbee at up to 10 meters, to 802.11ah and 802.11af Wireless LAN, which are optimized for a range of approximately 1 kilometer and operate in frequency ranges below 1GHz.

To integration and interoperability…

Keysight provides test equipment that can be used to help ensure your wireless products will conform to standards and interoperate with same-technology devices from multiple vendors. Keysight also provides tools and services to streamline the way you prepare for certification, helping you evaluate module performance, characterize interoperability, and make sure your integration effort results in certified products.

To manufacturing…

As technologies move into manufacturing, Keysight extends its expertiseto offer stand-alone products and system solutions to help get your designs to market faster and more efficiently. And, we will continue refining our offering as technologies mature and cost-of-test issues drive manufacturing efficiency.

Worldwide engineering expertise

Our worldwide test engineering expertise and robust knowledge library of application notes, CDs, DVDs, videos and more are designed to help you interpret, clarify and test to continually evolving standards, giving you greater insight into your wireless connectivity designs. You face increasing technical and operational complexity. Keysight measurement and application expertise helps you anticipate these growing complexities so you can accelerate your ability to achieve both engineering and business goals.


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