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Using GPIB Solutions in NI’s LabVIEW Environment

Application Notes


Making the hardware connection and control is the first step toward mastering the whole connectivity challenge. With instrument connectivity standards such as the general-purpose interface bus (GPIB), universal serial bus (USB), local area network (LAN), and LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation (LXI), developers face the challenge of integrating these instrument connectivity standards into their systems. This is particularly true when instruments and connectivity hardware are from various suppliers, resulting in hardware driver incompatibility. Using Keysight Technologies, Inc. connectivity software and hardware, you can establish a connection control to a personal computer (PC) in a lash and help developers to balance design considerations, take advantage of various technologies, and extend the lives of their systems.

By expanding your range of input/ output (I/O) alternatives, you can enable new usage models that boost productivity and add new tools that protect your investments in system hardware and software. The foundation of these benefits is an approach called Keysight Open, which simplifies system development through system-ready instrumentation, open software environments, and PC-standard I/O.

This application note provides answers to frequently asked questions about incorporating Keysight GPIB connectivity products into a National Instrument (NI) LabVIEW system.

These tips give an insight into how to use the Keysight GPIB interface card or converter to control instruments in a NI system. Instructions are also given on how to use both Keysight and NI GPIB controllers in the same system and how to configure the NI-488.2 based system software when a Keysight GPIB card is used to replace a NI GPIB card. To substitute NI GPIB hardware with a Keysight GPIB solution, please refer to Tip 3.


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