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N5450A InfiniiMax Extreme Temperature Extension Cable

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N5450B InfiniiMax Extreme Temperature Extension Cable

Probe your device’s signals in extreme testing conditions.

Have you broken an expensive probe trying to capture the signal at temperatures beyond its specified operational temperature? If yes, we have a great news for you.

Now, Keysight Technologies, Inc. offers a probing solution that covers the full temperature range from -55 degrees to + 150 degrees Celsius. The Keysight TN5450B InfiniiMax extreme temperature extension cable allows you to probe your device’s signals at extreme testing conditions where it was previously impossible.

Whether you are working on automotive electronics, cell phone operation conformance, or hard disk drive endurance testing, testing your devices in an environmental chamber is an essential part of your product validation. Now you can connect a InfiniiMax 1130A-34A, 1168A/69A, N2800A-03A probe and N5450B InfiniiMax extreme temperature extension cable with your choice of InfiniiMax probe head*, and you are ready to make your most critical measurements! 

Industry’s first extreme temperature probing solution

Perfect probing solution for extreme environmental testing, including applications in the automotive and cell phone industries.

Supports two temperature ranges: -55 to +150 degrees Celsius and -25 to +80 degrees Celsius depending on InfiniiMax probe head configurations.


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