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L4445A Microwave Switch/Attenuator Driver

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Microwave switch/attenuator driver offers support of most common microwave switches with distribution boards for easy configuration.

The Keysight Technologies, Inc. L4445A is a LXI Class C compliant instrument that controls external switches and attenuators. With its small size and Ethernet connectivity, the switch/attenuator driver can be placed wherever your application needs it.

The Keysight L4445A provides digital outputs to control switches, attenuators, and other devices that are typically used to route signals in a high frequency system. Many of the most popular microwave switches and attenuators are supported through the distribution boards. The distribution boards enable fast and easy connection to the microwave devices.

Using this LXI instrument, you’ll get all the benefits of an Ethernet connection, instrument Web server, standard software drivers and more. The LXI standard is supported by multiple vendors, enabling lower cost of test with accelerated test integration and development.

• LXI compliance includes built-in Ethernet connectivity

• Fully-featured graphical Web interface

• Control of most popular microwave switches and attenuators

• Expandable with 34945EXT

• Distribution boards allow for easy wiring

• Switch read-back capabilities

• External power option for simultaneous switching

• Software drivers for most common programming environments

Microwave switch driver for easy routing of high frequency signals in your system

The L4445A allows you to control switches, attenuators and other devices close to your device under test. The L4445A combined with the 34945EXT provides the power and control signals to drive up to 64 switch coils—that’s 32 standard SPDT switches.

The L4445A can be extended by adding additional 34945EXT extenders. The first 34945EXT is powered by the L4445A. You can add up to seven additional 34945EXT extenders with user supplied power. Multiple switch operations are performed in sequential order, or for faster, simultaneous switching, you can connect an external power supply to the 34945EXT.

The digital outputs can also be used to drive LEDs for indication of the switch position. The L4445A/ 34945EXT also has digital inputs so that you can read back the actual position of the switch or attenuator.

The L4445A comes with a standard 9-pin connector for simple connection to the 34945EXT. The Y1150A-Y1155A distribution boards plug onto the 34945EXT and are used to route the power and control signals from the driver to the switches using user supplied cables. This enables simple connections to the external switches without a lot of complicated wiring.

The following microwave switches and attenuators are supported with the Y1150A-Y1155A distribution boards:

• N181x/U9397x series SPDT switches

• 8762/3/4 series SPDT switches (screw terminals)

• 8765x coaxial switches

• 8766x/8767x/8768x multiport switches

• 87104x/106x/L710xx/L720xx multiport switches

• 87406x series matrix switches

• 87204x/206x series multiport switches

• 87606x series matrix switches

• 87222x/L7222 transfer switches

• 849x series attenuators

• 8490x series attenuators

• Screw terminal connections

Ethernet connectivity enables simple connection to the network and remote access to measurements

The Ethernet interface offers high-speed connections that allow for remote access and control. You can set up a private network to filter out unwanted LAN traffic and speed up the I/O throughput or take advantage of the remote capabilities and distribute your tests worldwide. Monitor, troubleshoot, or debug your application remotely. Ethernet communication also can be used with the support of LAN sockets connections.

The optional GPIB interface has many years of proven reliability and can be used for easy integration into existing applications.

The L4445A ships with the Keysight E2094 I/O Libraries Suite making it easy for you to configure and integrate instruments into your system — even if your system includes instruments from multiple vendors.

Fully-featured graphical Web interface makes it easy to set-up and troubleshoot your tests from anywhere in the world

The built-in Web browser interface provides remote access and control of the instrument via a Java-enabled browser such as Internet Explorer. Using the Web interface, you can set up, trouble- shoot, and maintain your instrument from remote locations.

• View and modify instrument setup

• Configure switch channels and switch pairs

• Open or close switches

• Send, receive and view SCPI commands

• Define and execute switch sequences

• View error queue

• Get status reports on relay

• Cycle counts, firmware revisions, and more

Additionally, since the Web server is built into the instrument, you can access it on any operating system that supports the Web browser without having to install any special software. Password protection and LAN lockout are also provided to limit access for additional security.

LabVIEW software drivers that provide compatibility with the most popular development environments:

• Keysight T&M Toolkit for Microsoft Visual Studio.NET and Keysight VEE Pro

• National Instruments LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, TestStand, and Switch Manager

• Microsoft C/C++ and Visual Basic


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