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Using Frequency Offset for Accurate Mixer Measurements

Application Notes

1 Measurement Parameters of the Mixer

The ENA FOM offers two advanced mixer calibration techniques: scalar-mixer calibration (SMC) and vector-mixer calibration (VMC).

The measurement parameters for the mixer can be evaluated accurately by properly applying these two calibration techniques. In addition, ENA’s FOM supports not only swept-IF measurements but also fixed-IF and fixed-RF measurements. Table 1 shows measurement parameters of the mixer. As the table shows, the ENA’s mixer measurement solution covers various types of measurement parameters. Moreover, conversion compression, isolation, and intermodulation distortion can be measured by using the ENA.

2 Vector-Mixer Calibration (VMC)

VMC offers measurements of conversion loss, phase, and absolute group delay of mixers by using a combination of calibration standards (such as open, short, load, or ECal), a “calibration mixer/IF-filter pair”, and a network de-embedding function. VMC is the only solution that can measure absolute group delay of mixers. In addition, Keysight’s patented VMC enables you to perform accurate balanced mixer measurements 1.

As shown in Figure 1, ENA’s VMC adopts the up/down conversion technique, and therefore the calibration procedure is different from that of the microwave PNA 2.


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