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8163B Lightwave Multimeter, 8164B Measurement System, 8166B Multichannel

Data Sheets

Keysight 8163B Mainframe

The Keysight Lightwave Multimeter system includes the mainframe and a variety of plug-in modules, suited for set-ups requiring:

-Single or dual channel power meters

-Single or dual wavelength fixed or tunable sources

-Loss test sets

-Return loss test sets

Keysight 8164B Mainframe

The Keysight 8164B mainframe, supports a range of high-performance tunable laser modules, as well as all of the fixed source and sensor modules of the 8153A and 8163A/B Lightwave Multimeter Series.

Keysight 8166B Mainframe (Discontinued)

The Keysight 8166B mainframe can be easily integrated into test environments by using plug and play drivers over GPIB, or by using the configurable hardware input and output trigger ports.

All modules of the 8163A/B Lightwave Multimeter family can be used in any combination in the Multichannel System.


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