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1181BZ Testmobile System Cart

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Add Mobility to Your Instruments

The Keysight Technologies, Inc. 1181BZ testmobile system cart provides convenient mobility of test equipment to make it readily available when needed and effectively extend the amount of lab bench space. Allows several operators to cost effectively share expensive equipment.


– Rackmount any 19" EIA instrument up to 24" deep

– Ergonomic design, test equipment is operator-accessible whether seated or standing

– Heavy-duty casters make moving instruments easy

– Includes a steel buckle and nylon strap to secure instruments to the cart

– Attractive quartz gray color

– Tilt tray adjusts 30-plus degrees for viewing comfort


– Material: Cold-rolled steel

– Weight: 44.5 kg (98 lbs)

– Casters: 127 mm (5 in) diameter

– Color: Quartz gray

– Tilt Tray Load Capacity: 90.7 kg (200 lbs)

– Total Load Capacity: 226.8 kg (500 lbs)

– Tilt Tray Width: 559 mm (22 in)

– Tilt Tray Depth: 660 mm (26 in)


The 1181BZ is shipped virtually assembled except for its handle. Place the handle in the rear top

of the cart and secure with screws provided. Attach the nylon strap on the slots of the instrument tray and thread through buckle. Tools required for installation:

– Torx T25 screwdriver

What You get in the Box

– System cart assembly with tray and casters

– Torx T25 screwdriver

– Tubular handle

– One set of support rails

– All mounting hardware

– Nylon strap with steel buckle

– Installation instructions

What Changed

– Color changed from parchment white to quartz gray

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Other testmobiles available are:

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