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84904/5/8M Programmable Step Attenuators for Microwave and RF Manufacturing Test

Technical Overviews

Features and description

-Excellent repeatability: <0.03dB typical

-Low insertion loss: <2.6 dB @ 50 GHz (84905M)

-Long life: >2 million cycles

-DC to 50 GHz frequency coverage

-Optional calibration data

-0 to 11 dB, 0 to 60 dB, 0 to 65 dB

-1 dB steps, 10 dB steps, 5 dB steps respectively

-High accuracy

-Excellent reliability

In today’s fast moving technical industries, test engineers need components they can count on. Keysight Technologies, Inc. now offers an extension to its existing atten­uators that combine its legendary reliability with a higher frequency (50 GHz) capability.

Increase frequency

For test systems that require in­creased frequency capability (50 GHz) with variable attenuation ranges and steps the M family of attenuators has a solution that fits your need. Options include:

-84904M: 0 to 11 dB in 1 dB steps (4 section)

-84905M: 0 to 60 dB in 10 dB steps (3 section)

-84908M: 0 to 65 dB in 5 dB steps (4 section)

Reduce downtime

Keysight is the world leader in innovating and developing microwave accessories for communications and aerospace applications. Our innova­tive design and strict adherence to quality process control ensure that each attenuator is guaranteed to perform within warranted specifica­tions for its entire lifetime. With fewer breakdowns and less need to reca­librate, your test platform performs better with less downtime, creating more throughput and revenue.

Raise your standards

All Keysight attenuators offer excellent repeatability and long life — up to five times the lifecycles of the competition. Along with our aggressive specifications for SWR, and insertion loss, you have an attenuator that will exceed the expectations of even the most demanding engineer with its precision and durability.

Increase productivity

When you buy your attenuators from Keysight, you will notice a difference. Your test platforms will run smoother, longer, and faster, while yielding more viable and valuable measurements.


These attenuators offer repeatability of better than 0.03 dB and excellent life (greater than 2 million switching cycles per section).

The M family of programmable step attenuators offers coaxial measurements to 50 GHz in a compact rugged design. The first model is the Keysight 84904M, which offers outstanding performance with an attenuation range of 0 to 11 dB in 1 dB steps. The next, high frequency model, is the Keysight 84905M, which provides a range from 0 to 60 dB in 10 dB steps. Last, the Keysight 84908M provides an attenuation range from 0 to 65 dB in 5 dB steps.

Keysight’s design, seen in the 84904/6/7K and L attenuators, sets the standard for size and performance. High attenuation accuracy and low SWR are achieved through the use of miniature thin-film attenuation cards. Insertion loss performance is outstanding, with less than 3.0 dB of loss at 50 GHz. Their compact design allows for easy integration into instruments and ATE systems.

For operating to 50 GHz the 84904/5/8M models offer the 2.4 mm connector that is the best solution for top performance as well as rugged and repeatable connections. Each model in the 84904/5/8M family comes with two female connectors (Option 101) or may be ordered with one female and one male connector for easy insertion into a microwave chain (Option 100).

Individual calibration data reports of attenuation and SWR are available. This data, measured with a Keysight automatic network analyzer, can be ordered as Option UK6.

Attenuation switching and control

These units feature the same small solenoids and switching circuits as the Keysight 8494/5/6/7 step attenuator family. Switching time is a maximum of 20 milliseconds; this includes contact settling time. Once switched, the units are latched with permanent magnets, capable of withstanding shocks over 10 Gs. The solenoids automatically disconnect after switching, which minimizes the attenuators’ power requirements and simplifies the driver circuit design. Solenoids are available in either 24 volt (Option 024), 15 volt (Option 015), and 5 volt (Option 011) ranges to fit your instrument or system requirements.

The units come equipped with 10-pin DIP headers for connecting DC control lines. Available accessories include a 203 mm (8 inch) or 406 mm (16 inch) ribbon cable (11764-60002 or 11764-60003, respectively) with DIP-type connectors that are compatible with standard 14-pin DIP IC sockets. Alternately, a 1524 mm (5 foot) cable (11764-60001) with free wires for direct soldering, or a 1524 mm (5 foot) drive cable that connects to the 11713A attenuator/switch driver, allowing for easy integration into GPIB-controlled automatic test sytems (11764-60004) may be ordered. 


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