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Power Your Next Insight


For more than 50 years, Keysight Technologies, Inc. DC power supplies have been changing the way how engineers prove their design, understand the issues, and ensure product quality. The E36150 Series continues to innovate, providing even more power on the bench with an 800W output and exciting new features that will power your next insights as you design, test, and optimize your electronic products. 


800W power bench solution


• Plenty of usable power, safe and easy to use.

• Affordable while providing immense value to meet your high-power testing requirements.

• Built for performance and packed with advanced characterization capabilities in one box test solution.

• New automotive features support for enhanced programming speed and capability to generate complex power transients derived from the automotive ISO standards and more.


At a Glance


The E36150A Series is an extension of Keysight's popular bench DC power supplies that offer great performance at an affordable price. It comprises two models with 800W power on a single channel output that can supply up to 60V or 80A.


Wide range of applications


These general-purpose power supplies are designed for versatility and are perfect for various applications, including R&D, design validation, reliability, and quality testing across all types of industries. Both models feature an Autoranging architecture and Peak Power Handling capabilities allowing you to meet your various test requirements with plenty of usable power and flexibility.


Safe and easy to use


The E36150 Series brings in a new key innovation – a detachable front binding post that supports high current up to 80A. The detachable binding post allows easy access to the power outputs allowing for seamless wire connections to your DUTs. More importantly, the front binding post has a built-in autoprotection mechanism to ensure your own safety as well as your devices.


Best-in-class features


As technology keeps advancing, so does the complexity of your electronics design and testing requirements. The new series does more than just powering your devices; it also includes advanced characterization tools such as data logging, an optional scope view, arbitrary waveform generation and automotive features. This enables in-depth analysis and precise output modulation for power simulation applications, allowing you to accelerate development projects without compromising quality.


All these features work together to provide a one-box solution that eliminates the typical requirements of multiple instruments, therefore, helping you to save time without complex setups as well as reducing your test costs.


The advanced capabilities can be further augmented by pairing with the BenchVue BV9200B/BV9201B and BV0003B software application. The software provides convenient access to the advanced features of your power supplies with a familiar PC control interface, plus additional features, analysis tools, and automation, without requiring you to write even a single line of programming.


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