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Keysight Cyber Training Simulator (KCTS) is a complete, turnkey cyber range designed to prepare students for employers’ real challenges daily. It is based on Keysight BreakingPoint, the gold standard application and security traffic generator used by global enterprise and government agency customers. KCTS enables students to develop and sharpen their skills in the same realistic environment and with the same market-leading tools used by professionals in various industries. KCTS features a full range of hands-on red and blue team exercises based on the Cyber Kill Chain model, customizable and realistic scenarios that are continuously updated by Keysight’s Global Application and Threat Intelligence Team (ATI), lab scheduling, Learning Management System (LMS) integration, out-of-the-box lab exercises, lab grading, and more. KCTS consists of four components: University’s LMS Integration, Keysight Cyber Training Simulator Platform, Virtualized Cyber Lab Environment, and Hardware components - servers. KCTS is an IMS Global certified LTI learning tool that can seamlessly integrate with major LMS providers. KCTS is available in different license types and terms. For more information, please visit or contact your local Keysight office at KCTS is the ideal solution for academic programs that aim to produce students who are in demand by today’s top cyber teams.
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