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The current web page context introduces PathWave BenchVue Lab Management and Control Solution, a network-based application software that enables all instruments to be interconnected via LAN or WLAN and provides centralized control for educators to seamlessly connect and monitor all the instruments within the teaching lab. The solution consists of three components: PathWave BenchVue Lab Manager, PathWave BenchVue Lab Client, and PathWave BenchVue Complete Control Collection Apps. The solution offers various features such as checking instruments statuses, configuring instruments all at once, asset tracking, instruments mass firmware update, multiple instruments integrated control, and test flow for automated sequence measurements. The current web page context also showcases some of the Keysight products that are compatible with the solution, such as DMM, oscilloscope, power supply, function generator, signal generator, network analyzer, signal analyzer, source measure unit, data acquisition and more. The current web page context provides the product number PW9111EDU for the Lab Management and Control Solution Software and the website for more information on Keysight PathWave BenchVue software platform. The current web page context also provides the contact information for Keysight Technologies' products, applications, or services at The current web page context concludes by highlighting the benefits of using PathWave BenchVue Lab Management and Control Solution for educators and students in a teaching lab environment. The solution enables hands-on learning using real, industry-standard bench instruments and reduces manual setup and tracking time for educators. The solution also leverages the strengths of PathWave BenchVue software platform such as easy control, data capture, logging and report generation without requiring programming.


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Column Control DTX