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Next-Day Courier Service and Shipping Options


Your test instruments are among your most important business assets. We know you need them in optimal condition – with as little downtime as possible.

In our ongoing effort to streamline the calibration and repair process, Keysight offers two simple options to speed your instruments from your bench to our dock.

Next-Day Courier Service

In over 30 U.S. and Canada metropolitan areas, you can schedule a free next-day courier pick up. The courier will pick up and package 1 your instrument – then deliver it safely to a Keysight Service Center.

Next Day Inbound Shipping

If your shipment does not qualify for Courier Service 2, you can take advantage of Keysight’s inbound shipping option. Your Service Order Manager can provide you with a Next-Day shipping label to affix to your packaged instrument 3. This allows you to utilize Keysight’s favorable bulk shipment rates (we ship hundreds of thousands of instruments each year) 4.


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