Keysight is committed to conducting business in an ethically responsible manner, with strategic and operational policies, procedures and values that support transparency, sustainability and legal compliance; this commitment underpins all our foundational pillars.

Keysight's ethical governance

Ensuring Keysight's Ethical Governance

Keysight’s commitment to conducting business in an ethical manner with high integrity is not only expected by our stakeholders, but it is simply the right thing to do. Ethical governance is integral to our business and our ability to deliver solutions that help connect and secure the world. As such, Keysight’s leadership team is accountable for ensuring ethics remain at the core of all our operations. From individual employee responsibilities through corporate governance and business operations, Keysight policies and procedures are designed to provide transparency and business sustainability while meeting compliance requirements. Related programs and policies include:

  • Policies and employee training on our ethical standards of business conduct
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Quality and safety programs focused on product, employee, the environment, and our global communities
  • Programs in support of extended producer responsibility
  • Ensuring the rights of intellectual property
  • Focused policies on data security and privacy for our employees, customers and suppliers

Related Key Impact Goals


Keysight's key impact goals measure progress toward our CSR vision. In the governance space, these goals support alignment to ethical operations and business commitments through robust governance of the company’s policies and procedures.



material negative impact to the income statement and institutional investments from CSR-related topics

(met goal)

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