Enables polarization-dependent swept-wavelength multichannel measurements with the PAS LS engine and PAS IL/PDL engine, as well as measurements without varying polarization with the PAS LS engine and PAS FSIL engine.


  • single-sweep multichannel measurement of polarization-dependent insertion loss and optical\electrical responsivity parameters
  • Yields IL, PDL, IL at principal axes (TE/TM or s/p), O/E responsivity (average, min/max vs. polarization), return loss, other derived parameters
  • FLS measurements without additional N7700102C license
  • Static polarization setting for probe alignment or device optimization or fixed-polarization scan
  • Fast polarization switching during single-sweep-PDL minimizes sensitivity to vibrations and drift
  • 60 dB dynamic range, extendable to > 80 dB with power range stitching

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