PathWave 89600 VSA 2024

89600 VSA for 2024 (Build Version as 28.00) is the latest release of Keysight’s PathWave Vector Signal Analysis software shipped in June 2023, a comprehensive set of tools for demodulation and vector signal analysis. Use 89600 VSA software tools to explore every facet of a signal and optimize your designs. Measure a broad range of signals including 6G Research, 5G, WLAN, IoT, Satellite, Radar and more. Gain greater insight in frequency, time, modulation domains and optional decoding. Compatible with signal analyzers, network analyzers, oscilloscopes and many more test instruments. The 89600 VSA 2024 is released and available for download at It includes feature updates on basic VSA, 5G NR, LTE, WLAN, Advanced Radar, Custom OFDM, ccEVM, Satellite Communication (NEW), and new hardware connectivity and files support.


89600 VSA DVB-S2X Measurement with Modulation Analysis and Decoding

DVB-S2X Measurement with Modulation Analysis and Decoding

Satellite Communication Measurements for DVB-S2/S2X

VSA 2024 introduces satellite communication for DVB-S2 and S2X including both modulation analysis and channel decoding in a dedicated measurement extension.

  • Navigate complex DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X signals with ease using comprehensive demodulation analysis
  • Utilize a wide range of quality metrics for DVB-S2 / S2X signals, including frame-level results, EVM results for individual frame segments (SOF, PLSCODE, Pilot and Data), constellation diagrams, and frequency, symbol clock, magnitude and phase errors etc.
  • Enhance link level system analysis precision with Bit Error Rate (BER) metrics supported by full deframing and channel decoding
  • Support multi-carrier configuration
  • Support ccEVM with multiple channels

Improved EVM Floor with Cross-Correlated Measurements Enhancements

89600 VSA 2024 release includes the updated ccEVM features as below:

  • MIMO support with 2-ch/4-ch configurations for WLAN 802.11n/ac/ax/be, Custom OFDM, 5G NR (i.e. with MXR for ccEVM + 4-ch MIMO)
  • ccEVM support with the new 89601DVBC DVB-S2/S2X measurement option
  • ccEVM support with EVM based auto-ranging for 5G NR and FlexFrame measurement

Note that for the analog baseband IQ (BBIQ) use case of wideband signals, such as WLAN 802.11be (320MHz BW), the Keysight solution consisting of MXR + VSA + ccEVM measurement would be an ideal solution to archive >50 dB EVM performance with both single-ended and differential IQ inputs.

89600 VSA Improved EVM Floor with Cross-Correlated Measurements Enhancements

Cross-Correlated EVM (ccEVM) Example for WiFi 7

89600 VSA File Format and Live Streaming Support

New File Format and Live Streaming Support

89600 VSA can support a wide range of file formats including *.binf, *.bin, *.csv, *.mat, and *.txt. Vita49 file and streaming support are added in the recent releases.

  • VITA 49 is a packet-based protocol to convey digitized signal data and metadata (or context data) pertaining to different reference points within a radio receiver.
  • Support Vita49 recording file format (VITA 49, VITA 49A, VITA 49.2) preview and recall in VSA 2023 Update 2 (Jan 2023) 
  • Enhanced with Vita49 live streaming in VSA 2024 (Jun 2023)

Event-Based User Actions

Advanced triggering of the VSA based on signal analysis metrics.

  • Choose a metric: EVM, frequency error, etc.
  • Choose a condition by which an action should occur
  • Choose what happens when the metric meets that criteria
  • Support for trend line: trend a summary table, trace marker, or data header value over multiple measurements (BETA in 2024 release)
89600 VSA Event-Based Actions

Leverage advanced triggering of 89600 VSA with Event-Based Actions

89600 VSA 5G NR FR2-2

89600 VSA Support 3GPP Release 17 FR2-2 with 480 kHz and 960 kHz SCS

Latest 5G Capabilities

Keep up to date with the latest 5G New Radio (NR) measurement extension enhancements.

Uplink and Downlink

  • Comply with 3GPP TS38 Series 17.4.0 (2023-01) specification
  • Improve the measurement speed of FR2-2 800 MHz, 1600 MHz and 2 GHz bandwidth signal measurement
  • Test Models for FR2-2 480 kHz and 960 kHz SCS supported per 3GPP TS 38.141-2 V17.9.0 (2023-03)
  • The number of BWPs is increased to 5 (was 4 previously)
  • Support multi-GSCN SSBs
  • Normalized beam pattern results with each channel's total power
  • Enhancement on the Beam Weights and Beam Pattern display
  • MU-MIMO with DC Puncture in the transmitted signal is now supported


  • CSI2 for PUCCH Format 2
  • 3GPP Rel-17 PUCCH enhancements
  • Add Sequence Cyclic Shift (mcs) manual mode for PUCCH Format 0
  • PRACH 480 kHz and 960 kHz SCS


  • 3GPP Rel-17: New 35 and 45 MHz BW for all FR1 Test Models
  • Use CSI-RS as a sync source

Using U9361 RCal with 89600 VSA

Now with the coming  89600 VSA 2024 Patch Release, it could connect with RCal U9361 receiver calibrator and perform the whole receiver system calibration up to the DUT reference plane, and apply the calibration coefficients with all 89600 VSA measurements including Digital Demod, Flex Frame, Custom OFDM, 5G NR, DVB-S2X.

  • Only 89601200C basic core and hardware connectivity valid license is required to connect the U9361 RCal
  • U9361 RCal up to 110 GHz and 5G Hz IF bandwidths
  • The calibration process is intuitive as part of VSA software and can apply Cal data into your VSA measurements
  • Extend the Receiver Calibration to End-to-End Calibration with 89600 VSA for receiver calibration and PWSG AWU for transmitter calibration
89600 VSA using RCal

Using U9361 RCal with 89600 VSA

Videos: 89600 VSA

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