PathWave 89600 VSA 2023

89600 VSA for 2023 is the latest release of Keysight’s PathWave Vector Signal Analysis software,  a comprehensive set of tools for demodulation and vector signal analysis. Use 89600 VSA software tools to explore every facet of a signal and optimize your designs. Measure a broad range of signals including 5G, IoT, radar and more. Gain greater insight in frequency, time and modulation domains. Compatible with signal analyzers, network analyzers, oscilloscopes and many more test instruments.


Multi-Measurement to Perform EVM, ACP and SEM Measurements

Side-by-side measurements of EVM, ACP and SEM

PowerSuite Measurements

89600 VSA can now measure in-band signal quality and out-of-band emmisions as a one-stop shop.

  • Single and multi-carrier Adjacent Channel Power (ACP) and Spectrum Emission Mask (SEM) measurements
  • Preset for 5G base station conformance test with pass/fail results
  • Flexible to be configured for all signal types (not limited to 5G)
  • Similar settings and measurement results as PathWave X-Series Measurement Applications (X-Apps)
  • Used with any hardware or data source supported by the VSA
  • Noise correction with PXI Vector Transceiver (VXT)  and X-Series Signal Analyzer (X-SA) hardware for best dynamic range

Improved EVM Floor with Cross-Correlated Measurements

Eliminate the effects of receiver noise in our estimates of Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) using two receivers.

  • Available for 5G NR and high-speed wireless LAN measurement
  • 6-20 dB improvements in EVM floor
Cross-Correlated EVM Example for WiFi 7

6 dB improvement in EVM measurement for 802.11be, 320 MHz bandwidth (BW) example using 2 channel VXT3

89600 VSA Event-Based Actions

Leverage advanced triggering of 89600 VSA with Event-Based Actions

Event-Based User Actions

Advanced triggering of the VSA based on signal analysis metrics.

  • Choose a metric: EVM, frequency error, etc.
  • Choose a condition by which an action should occur
  • Choose what happens when the metric meets that criteria

Latest 5G Capabilities

Keep up to date with the latest 5G New Radio (NR) measurement extension enhancements.

  • Cross-correlated EVM with the 5G NR measurement extension
  • 5G Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) support as per release 17 of 3GPP
  • 1024 QAM Test Models per Release 17
  • Support additional antenna types for beamforming
  • Support for 32 component carriers
  • Selection of Demodulation Reference Signal (DMRS) versus Phase Tracking Reference Signal (PTRS) for equalization
  • Per component carrier (CC) phase compensation and EVM traces
  • Custom modulation for 5G NR
89600 VSA 5G NR ORAN Example

89600 VSA 5G NR/ORAN Example

Learn about the new use cases in the latest release of PathWave 89600 VSA 2023

On-Demand Release Webinar: Achieve Escape Velocity with PathWave System Design and PathWave VSA 2023

PathWave System Design 2023 is the next major release of System Design. PathWave Vector Signal Analysis (VSA) 2023 is the next major release of the 89600 VSA.

PathWave System Design & VSA 2023 Release Webinar
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