Data center infrastructure is constantly evolving. Keysight can help you optimize the performance and accelerate the time-to-market of your data center and network innovations across all product development stages — from design and simulation, analysis, debug, and compliance test.

Data Center Infrastructure Innovation

Emerging technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), and autonomous vehicles generate explosive amounts of data in the network, creating new computing and performance demands in the data center.

We offer the widest array of data center test solutions across all network layers, from physical Layer 1 test to full network test of Layers 2–7 including software-defined networking (SDN)/network functions virtualization (NFV) validation and traffic loading. We accelerate data center infrastructure innovations so that you can focus on fast deployment of new services.

Data Center Components and Transceivers

Many data centers are currently at maximum capacity. Data center operators need to find a way to increase channel bandwidth to reach 400GE speeds. Reducing the power per bit is equally important. Data center operators are turning to transceiver manufacturers to move to the next generation speed class.

Upgrading from 100GE to 400GE requires a whole new set of tests. Testing of 400GE components and transceivers is complex and introduces new test challenges. You want to upgrade to next generation transceivers that allow you to increase channel capacity, guarantee quality and compatibility, and reduce test time and costs. We can help you accelerate your transceiver innovations.

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SDN/NFV and Virtualization

Enterprises and services providers are shifting to virtualized and SDN-enabled network infrastructures for more agile and cost-effective deployments. SDN and NFV enable the transformation to highly scalable, flexible, and open standard network architectures.

As you migrate your data center from physical to virtual infrastructure, you want to have total visibility into your virtualized network and data to ensure your customers' quality of experience is maintained or improved. You need visibility access to measure application performance and make sure that your data flows through the network as you planned. We accelerate your migration to SDN/NFV and ensure virtualization success.

High-Speed Digital System Design

When digital signals reach gigabit speeds, “the unpredictable” becomes normal. Today’s fast-paced and demanding environment means you have much less time to understand the intricacies of the technologies you are testing. In digital standards, every generational change puts new risks in your path.

You need to test your high-speed digital designs and data center components across all product development stages — from design and simulation, analysis, debug, and compliance test. We can help you uncover problems, optimize performance and accelerate speed-to-market of your gigabit digital designs.

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Telecom ComponentS And TransceiverS

As a network operator you need to create an infrastructure that provides the impression of limitless capacity in any situation. You need coherent optical test solutions that provide detailed insights into complex modulated optical signals at the physical layer. We can help you build a network infrastructure that can support ever-increasing user demands in your data centers.

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