Provides load pull capability for nonlinear DUT behavior (EVM, NPR, and ACPR) under modulated stimulus conditions 
  • Integrated mechanical tuner characterization and control for presenting user specified loads to DUT 
  • Frequency coverage up to 67 GHz
  • Supports most Maury and Focus passive load pull tuners, see Modulation Distortion technical overview for details on compatible tuner models
  • Display measured EVM, power and gain for user defined gamma 
  • Save measurement results in file format compatible for use in external programs such as ADS and MATLAB 

Extend the modulation distortion application by computing figure of merits such as EVM and ACPR for any desired load with arbitrary load control (ALC). Modulation distortion with ALC integrates the powerful capabilities of the PNA-X with an electromechanical tuner so a non-50 Ω load can be presented to the DUT and changes in device performance or sensitivity to varying load conditions can be accurately measured.  

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