Ensure Mission Success with Advanced AI Test Automation

Development teams working on mission-critical software face heightened pressure to expedite secure and reliable release cycles. The pressure intensifies for teams in aerospace and defense due to the critical need for security and reliability.

In response to the urgency and to alleviate backlog growth, numerous quality assurance (QA) teams are turning to test automation to perform functional, regression, and performance testing. This shift aims to attain quicker release cycles and expedite time-to-market.

Command and control testing  

Any organization that manages command and control (C2) systems should focus on optimizing to enhance and strengthen your technology’s performance. These activities cannot happen without test automation.

Learn how Keysight Eggplant can revolutionize your C2 testing with non-invasive software test automation.

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Satellite and radar systems testing 

Satellite and radar systems have complex dynamic user interface (UI)-based systems that are time-consuming to test manually.

Learn how Eggplant offers non-invasive test automation of complex graphical systems, which ensures that what displays is both accurate and understandable to the field operators. Automate the entire testing process while meeting the security standards and protocols defense agencies demand.

Test automation challenges in defense

Building and testing software in secure environments is uniquely challenging. Projects can be top secret, teams often work in silos, and quality standards are sky-high and unwavering. There is no margin for error when lives and national security are at stake.

Read the white paper to learn the technical challenges of test automation in the context of defense and aerospace organizations.

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