Excess RF Power, DC Transient 및 E

  • 낮은 삽입 손실 < 2dB
  • 매우 빠른 turn-on 시간 < 100ps
  • 임계값 제한 10dBm , 일반(typical)
  • 쌍방향
  • 내장형 DC 블록

Protect Your Investment from Excess RF Power, DC Transients, and ESD

The N9355C power limiter provides the best broadband input power protection to sensitive RF and microwave instruments and components, like network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, and amplifiers, from excess RF power, DC transients and ESD. Minimize your measurement uncertainty and improve your measurement accuracy with the limiter’s superior RF performance.

The N9355C comes with a pair of high quality male and female 3.5 mm connectors.

N9355C Power Limiter

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