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33503B BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro Software

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For Keysight Function/Arbitrary/Pulse Waveform Generators and InfiniiVision Oscilloscopes


Create Custom Waveforms Faster


Fast and easy analysis tools for more insight


• Standard waveform library provides quick access to common signals (DC, halfsine, noise, sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, exponential)

• Comprehensive library of built-in signals provides fast, easy access to complex signals

• Free-hand, point and line-draw modes to create custom shapes

• Equation editor enables creation of waveforms with exact polynomials

• Advanced math functions provide additional flexibility for more complex signals

• Sequencing editor to build and arrange composite waveforms for design optimization

• Filtering and windowing functions allow smooth transitions between waveforms

• Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) capability enables viewing of signal frequency characteristics

• Complimentary Cumulative Distribution Function (CCDF) curves enables viewing of signal power characteristics


Fast, Efficient Custom Waveform Creation


The Keysight 33503B BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro is a full-featured waveform creation software for waveform generators. The software enables engineers to take full advantage of Keysight signal generation capabilities and makes custom waveform creation fast and simple. It is ideal for R&D engineers characterizing new designs and test system engineers validating production units.

BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro is a Microsoft Windows-based program that provides easy-to-use creation tools, such as an equation editor, waveform math and drawing tools, which can be used to create custom signals. It features a standard function library, waveform sequencer; as well as filters and windowing functions that allow you to easily modify and further refine your waveform. A library of built-in signals supports fast creation of more complex waveforms such as multi-tone, serial data, trapezoid and Gaussian.

With BenchLink Waveform Builder Pro, you gain access to advanced signal creation and editing capabilities, without requiring hours of programming. The result is quicker, easier creation of custom waveforms, coupled with deeper analysis insight into your signals.


Download Keysight’s free 7-day trial version and create custom waveforms faster


To order your copy or download a free 7-day trial version and start gaining insights into your measurements today, visit 

If you choose to continue to utilize the software after the trial period, you may purchase a license and retain the full functionality and benefits.


Key applications


• Electronic controls, baseband wireless communications

• Linear amplifiers, DC brushless motors, switching power supplies

• Medical devices, digital audio

• Clock signals, modulation source


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