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PerfectStorm® 100GE, High-Performance Application and Security Load Modules

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Keysight Technologies offers the PerfectStorm® 100GE, High-Performance Application and Security Load Modules, which are designed to test converged multi-play services, application delivery, and network security platforms for both wired and wireless networks. The PerfectStorm family of 100GE load modules delivers the industry’s most scalable solution for creating real-world, high-stress conditions and user behavior to provide organizations the insight to battle-test IT infrastructures, train cyber warriors, tune systems and policies, and transform security processes to be proactive and effective. The PerfectStorm 100GE load modules are available in two variants: PerfectStorm Fusion and PerfectStorm. Both variants support native CXP 100GE pluggable, multimode optical transceiver and a point-to-point, multimode CXP 100GE Active Optical Cable (AOC). The single port can function as one 100GE port or two 40G ports or eight 10G ports via fan-out cables. The load modules also feature hardware-based acceleration for SSL and IPsec, multi-user environment, resource aggregation, FPGA offload, hardware-based traffic capture, and memory of 64GB. The PerfectStorm Fusion load module supports both BreakingPoint and IxLoad software, which enable unified applications and security test platform with massive-scale and realistic traffic conditions. The BreakingPoint software provides test components such as Bit Blaster, Routing Robot, Application Simulator, Session Sender, Security, Recreate, Stack Scrambler, and Labs. The IxLoad software provides test components such as AppLibrary, TCP Plugin, Application Replay, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Stateless Peer, Video Delivery, VoIP, IPsec, Storage, Stack Manager. The PerfectStorm load module supports only IxLoad software with the same test components as the PerfectStorm Fusion load module. The PerfectStorm 100GE load modules are compatible with XGS12 & XGS2 chassis bundles. A single system equipped with 12 PerfectStorm blades can control application traffic to nearly a terabit, up to 720 million concurrent connections, and new TCP connections rates of up to 24 Million. The hardware-based acceleration supports massive encryption levels with up to 240Gbps of SSL traffic and 480Gbps of IPsec traffic per system. For more information on Keysight Technologies’ products, applications or services, please contact your local Keysight office. The complete list is available at: []. You can also visit []( or []( for more details.


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