PerfectStorm ONE 1GE/10GE Appliance

PerfectStorm ONE 1GE/10GE Appliance

Enterprise-scale application and security testing

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  • Enterprise-scale applications and security testing, anywhere, anytime
  • Unified architecture supports BreakingPoint and IxLoad applications
  • Software licensing upgrades enable affordable 4Gbps performance now with easy expansion for future needs of up to 80Gbps
  • Compact form factor and reduced power requirements for customers that have a need for high performance, yet are constrained by lab space and power availability
  • High-performance with hardware-based acceleration for SSL and IPsec

Validate Enterprise-Wide Networks with Real World Traffic™

Building upon the terabit-scale PerfectStorm platform, PerfectStorm ONE™ appliances offers enterprises, service providers, and technology vendors a revolutionary solution for generating stateful applications and malicious traffic, simulating millions of real-world end-user environments to test and validate infrastructure, a single device, or an entire system.

PerfectStorm ONE’s unique combination of portability, performance, and cost-effectiveness allows any organization to perform enterprise-scale performance and security testing anywhere, at any time, using the exact application, attack, and load behavior needed to optimize and harden any IT infrastructure.

PerfectStorm ONE facilitates network and security proof-of-concepts (POCs) and assessments, all in a compact device. This POC-in-a-box enables enterprises and service providers to select optimal devices and right-size data centers, as well as providing device vendors with a platform to fully showcase their product’s performance, resiliency, and throughput under real-world traffic loads.

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