WLAN Testing

Capitalize Client and Access Point

Keysight offers a comprehensive range of Wireless LAN client and access point test solutions that spans the entire development lifecycle and full stack from RF through the Application layer. The solutions are built around a common set of hardware and software components to connect and streamline your product commercialization process.

Keysight WLAN device test solutions support the latest 802.11 variants, including Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax), Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), 802.11ad/ay, Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac),and support RF calibration and verification test, high order MIMO analysis, and fast-sequenced measurements for high throughput test applications.

What's New on Wi-Fi 7?

Wi-Fi 7, officially known as 802.11be, brings in major improvements over Wi-Fi 6 and 6E. It also includes clever advances to reduce latency, increase capacity, and boost stability and efficiency.

The most exciting advance in Wi-Fi 7 is a new feature called Multi-Link Operation (MLO). This feature has the potential to greatly improve the overall Wi-Fi reliability, and provide a more controlled environment for demanding applications like VR/AR operation. It does this by setting up multiple links that are controlled by the AP, allowing it to move the clients smartly to avoid interference and segment out high demand applications to give them essentially their own dedicated pipes for operation.

Maximize RF Testing of Wi-Fi 6E Access Points and Clients

Watch how a WLAN 802.11ax AP is emulated with 1024QAM in the 6 GHz band to test a mobile phone client. Transmitter and receiver measurements provide analysis of RF performance during a live connection with signaling. Measure transmitted channel power, occupied bandwidth (OBW), spectrum emission mask (SEM), power vs. time, and EVM including detailed modulation accuracy results such as frequency error, peak EVM, and IQ constellation. A cross-correlated EVM (ccEVM) measurement is used to demonstrate measured performance < -40 dB. Characterize receiver packet error performance with the PER vs. power measurement and its selectable power steps and power range. The intuitive GUI of the RF application makes testing Wi-Fi devices quick and easy.

Comprehensive WLAN Testing Solutions

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