4 Battery Life Optimization Tips for IoT Devices


Battery Life Is IoT Device Life


Battery life is one of the most important considerations for IoT devices. It’s easy to understand why. Consumers often expect long battery life for their applications and devices. Smart agriculture and industrial sensors, for example, must work for long periods of time between charges—often 10+ years. For wearable medical devices such as pacemakers, where device life can mean the difference between actual life or death, battery failure is not an option.


Long battery life is a huge differentiator in consumer buying decisions. Devices with unexpectedly short battery life can damage a company’s brand, lead to decreased sales, and even cause a costly recall that destroys a company’s economic viability. And while batteries are cheap, replacing them is not. Replacing batteries often costs more than the cost of the entire IoT device.


Explore this eBook to discover the steps you can take today to optimize the battery life in your IoT devices.


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