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Key Features & Specifications

  • 110 | 100 | 80 | 70 | 59 | 50 | 40 GHz system bandwidth options with one oscilloscope
  • 256 GSa/s and ADC resolution 10 bits for all bandwidth grades
  • Specified typical system noise floor < 1.6% EVM rms at reference conditions
  • Relative skew < ± 0.5 ps
  • Optical operating wavelength range 1528 nm to 1620 nm
  • Absolute wavelength accuracy +/- 2.5 pm typical
  • Average input power monitor accuracy ± 0.5 dB
  • Integrated Coherent Receiver Test Application with On-Site Verification and Re-Calibration Software
  • Coherent Optical Device Test Application Software


Master Your Design
The Keysight N4391B combines industry-leading low-noise performance and highest bandwidth with a proven optical front-end architecture into the most compact OMA solution of its class. It is complemented with Keysight’s well-known, reliable and flexible vector signal analysis (VSA) software and optical modulation analyzer extension.

Target Applications
To keep up with increased symbol rates exceeding 100 GBaud, a test instrument is required that can handle the baud rate classes of transceivers for 600 Gb/s to 1.2 Tb/s and even beyond, from the first day in advanced research through the development. Not only symbol rates are challenging, but also modulation formats are getting more demanding due to the higher-order quadrature amplitude modulation which require a step forward in noise performance.

The N4391B, based on the latest industry leading UXR Oscilloscope series, is the best-suited optical modulation analyzer to support these application requirements.